Beautifully created bespoke property brochures

We live in a world where the attention span of people seems to be getting shorter and shorter as
generations continue, this is where real estate agents need to implement smart marketing methods
to not only get the attention of potential customers but to also stand out from their competition to
increase brand awareness and build engagement.

Residential People have developed a new, interactive way for customers to engage with properties.
They call it the ‘Interactive PDF Generator’ – A smart an intuitive marketing tool that can design a
PDF brochure of a listing in under 60 seconds and offer a far more successful way to enhance
engagement from customers.

Advantage of using PDF to present your property

WOW Factor: The majority of your competition has a website, and most of them will also be on
property portals. However, how many will go the extra mile to professionally present their property
through an interactive PDF?

With Residential People’s Interactive PDF Generator you’ll be able to create a colour-rich brochure
with clear & beautiful clear pictures packed with concise yet relevant information. This competitive
edge will give you positive branding your agency desires and will continue to bring in more clients
wanting to list their properties with you.

Interactive, Engaging, Positive Brand Image: Links will be placed within the PDF to allow the user to
engage back with the property they are currently viewing. The PDF will contain your company’s logo
with your business address and contact information, you can even choose your agency’s brand

Sending out weblinks was a thing of the past: Generating a well-designed PDF not only looks more
presentable & professional than a standard web link but is also more likely to be shared by

Better customer experience: Remember the time you went to a nice restaurant that had excellent
service? Chances are you not only went back to the restaurant again but also referred it to friends
and family… Managing your online brand as an estate agent is not too dissimilar.
As a real estate agent what makes you different to the other agent a few roads away? An interactive
PDF is the new technological way for your customers to view your properties with clear imagery as
well well as concise, relevant and engaging property information all on one page.

Search engines now recognise PDF’s: Did you know search engines such as Google and Bing now
crawl PDF’s you attach to your web page?

This is a huge opportunity for you to rank your listings higher than your competition. The job of the
search engine is to provide the end user with the best results, as a real estate agent you are
providing the end user with an engaging listings page presented in an easy-to-read PDF format; as
one of the first results on search engines, you’ll have more traffic and leads coming to view your

At Residential People we believe that an interactive PDF’s is imperative to a real estate agents’
marketability. Many home buyers search the web for properties, yet the average visitor only spends
48 seconds on a website – often this is due to poor engagement, and a poor call-to-action –
something which the Interactive PDF generator from Residential People aims to eliminate.
The real estate property platform Residential People offers its agents premium marketing tools
which essentially creates a PDF from your listing page and instantly uploads the PDF onto your listing
as well giving you the option to externally download the PDF and upload it onto your website or a
social media platform such as Facebook.

Web traffic and your Bottom line

Selling your property is the ultimate reason why an agent would host on a property portal, and with
Residential People, you’ll be able to get more exposure on your properties through ingenious Search
Engine Optimisation as well as making them more visually appealing to the buyer.
Don’t miss out on the best means to engage your audience. Advertising your property with
Residential People is completely free and all the details of how to generate your beautifully created
brochures are only a click away, for more information please take a look at

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