2021’s first quarter saw property sales enjoying a significant boost thanks to SARS’ Section 12J tax incentive. The demand for investment opportunities into qualifying property developments that include hotels, lodges, student residence, or serviced apartments, resulted in some property developers selling out all units via the Section 12J structure. QualifyingContinue Reading

Property stocks have taken a significant hit during the pandemic where retail and commercial property – and even some industrial property holdings – were affected. In contrast, lower-income affordable housing and inner-city housing have performed better than most other property markets in South Africa over the same period.   ChangesContinue Reading

South African commercial property owners are offering potential property buyers almost interest-free loans to ensure they secure their asking price and, to supplement their already secured bank mortgages. Referred to as ‘vendor loans’ (or vendor finance), they are fairly recognizable internationally, but they are now growing in popularity in SouthContinue Reading

When applying for a home loan, you may require a guarantee from somebody to facilitate the transaction. Alternatively, if you have a vested interest in a property or the legal entity owning the property, a suretyship may be a condition of the home loan approval. The risk of the guarantor is…Continue Reading