One Thibault: A-Grade Office Space at B-Grade Prices in Cape Town’s City Centre

Cape Town’s iconic city centre building, One Thibault, has been masterfully re-imagined by Vivid Architects into a multi-use development that encompasses both big city life and the vibrancy of the new world of work.

With open spaces, natural light, and an unrivalled level of detail, One Thibault’s 8 000m2 of commercial space spanning twelve floors, is highly adaptable to tenant specifications with generous fit-out budgets and the option to purchase or to rent furniture for the duration of a lease.

Unlike most commercial spaces, One Thibault understands the needs of today’s workforce by incorporating amenities which include a pool deck and cocktail bar, co-working and networking spaces, a reception area with CCTV coverage and 24-hour security, an on-site restaurant, additional storage, concierge services, and secure bicycle storage.

One Thibault offers an extraordinary opportunity to occupy a bespoke fitted space:

  • A rental rate of R115 per m2 for offices leased for 1 000m2 +
  • A period of free rental with parking
  • 50% off December rental
  • Tenant installation (one month per year)

Vacancy schedule:

  • 1st floor – 1 000m2
  • 2nd floor – 117m2, 235m2, 650m2
  • 3rd floor – 241m2, 295m2
  • 4th floor – 250m2, 1 000m2
  • 5th floor – 1 000m2
  • 6th floor – 1 000m2
  • 7th floor – 1 000m2
  • 8th floor – 1 000m2
  • 10th floor – 108m2, 226m2, 315m2, 77m2, 38m2
  • 12th floor – 1 000m2

(Larger floors are sub divisible and multiple floors can be connected to accommodate larger tenants).

Enquire now

  • T&Cs apply.
  • This offer is available until the end of November 2021, or until the full 2000m2 is fully let. 
  • Brokers are afforded a 150% incentive and a free iPad with every successful lease signed.

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