Sandton to welcome world’s first ‘Residential Members’ Club’

A wave of live-work-learn residential
developments are ushering in a new age of integrated living which has community
and programmed facility spaces at its core.

These developments will provide access to
communal recreation areas offering a sense of community. People tend to
gravitate towards others who share similar values when choosing a place to live
– similarly, the development of these new living spaces allows working people to
collaborate and to share resources.

The world’s first ‘Residential Members’ Club’ is set to pioneer this new way of living and working. With its first location in Sandton CBD, BlackBrick is an office-to-residential conversion and it is a seminal step towards a shift for a dynamic urban future and the foundation for the reality of living and working post-Covid-19.

Key to this new way of living and working is flexibility. The pandemic has illustrated that office space and its accompanying massive overheads are largely unnecessary in many industries. Housing is also a fundamental human need – and people require more flexibility than ever before as they find their feet in an uncertain financial world. With work-from-home set to be a fixture for millions around the world once life returns to ‘normal’, facilities like BlackBrick Club – which blends workspaces and lifestyle amenities with an array of apartments – are going to become the new ‘normal’. With rentals for periods from one day to one month, to one year, the ultimate flexibility of access to the space matches the need for agility in the modern entrepreneurial environment. BlackBrick is to roll out multiple locations across the country and in cities around the world, giving members access to a work-from-home and a work-from-anywhere quality of life.

By being able to offer cost-effective, flexible rentals that deliver access to an unprecedented array of in-house facilities, services and programs, we believe the BlackBrick model is a unique and compelling offering” commented Moritz Wellensiek, BlackBrick founder.

With work and life converging, there is a need for access to
different elements that cater to both aspects in one place. A hospitality-led
approach to residential living with dedicated on-site staff to cater for
residents’ every need, coupled with always-on access to programs, services and
facilities is set up to be the way forward. This will be facilitated by
BlackBrick’s dedicated mobile app.

The hotel-like approach to accessing everything members need to
make a living and working easier means access to everything from booking
meeting spaces to booking fitness and meditation sessions, having their
vehicles washes, selecting and ordering furniture, design and tech packs from
dedicated partners and grooming and laundry makes it easier to combine living
and working, maximizing comfort and time.

Working from home doesn’t have to mean setting up your remote office on your kitchen table and getting distracted by your personal life. Rather take the elevator down to the Workspace Level and get focussed in our day offices, with our full-sized work desks and meeting rooms, get your printing done, order coffee and lunch, all a mere 60 second walk from your apartment. And if you need a break take a minute to meditate in our mindfulness garden or ride a bicycle in the fresh air,” says Wellensiek.

As like-minded people converge in these new
live-work spaces, they become incubators for new entrepreneurial ideas.

BlackBrick is home to the Accelerator in
Residence (AIR) program which brings talent together from diverse backgrounds
to create a tribe of members who empower each other to become the best version
of themselves.

The in-house acceleration program gives
members access to a select group of guides who are experts in almost every field
from arts, fashion, music and entertainment to business and entrepreneurship, science
and innovation, design and architecture and technology to drive entrepreneurial
ventures and to attempt to tap into Africa’s knowledge base, removing knowledge
and financial barriers and aiming to contribute to a fundamental shift in the
world economy. AIR will also connect members with local and global funding

The growth of the BlackBrick network to Rosebank, Cape Town,
Los Angeles and beyond in the near future gives members the opportunity to
expand their entrepreneurial horizons by accessing new cities and networks as
part of their membership
,” says Wellensiek.

The Sandton location opens on 1 November, and people are able to
experience the building in three ways: renting (to access the full BlackBrick
experience), becoming a Club Member (access to the AIR program and facilities)
and Short-Stay (to trial the experience for a week or weekend).

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