Recovering money from people can certainly be challenging. It is therefore not surprising that trustees and managing agents alike prefer to add contributions and charges payable by members directly to what we in practice commonly refer to as their “levy account” or “levy statement”. One of the obvious reasons forContinue Reading

The September 2021 edition of Paddocks Press is now available. The post Paddocks Press – September 2021 first appeared on Paddocks. Source: Reading

The August 2021 edition of Paddocks Press is now available. The post Paddocks Press – August 2021 first appeared on Paddocks. Source: Reading

Sectional title legislation contains a couple of head-scratchers and the subject matter of this article is a prime example of one. Let’s look into this question in a bit more detail: We know that, as the owner of a section in a sectional title scheme, you are responsible for theContinue Reading

By the Paddocks Club team Below are examples of two questions on the Paddocks Club discussion forum, to show you what is available to our Community members! Who “owns” owner contact details? Member’s question: Good day Paddocks, Trustees have requested the managing agent to provide them with all the contactContinue Reading

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Using solar geysers or panels to heat water is becoming more and more common in community schemes, as up to 50% of household electricity costs can be consumed by heating water. In addition, owners who have geysers inside their sections may be keen to move them outside, onto the commonContinue Reading

In an interesting discussion in Paddock’s Club recently, the question was raised: May trustees allow or give permission to owners and/or tenants to work from home? Professor Paddock suggested that it is beyond the trustees’ powers under the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act to allow or give permission to ownersContinue Reading